Mandarin Chicken Salad

Posted By mattantonino / October, 29, 2010 / 1 comments

This is not so much a recipe as a mix.  When you only have four ingredients in your salad and it still tastes this amazing, you don’t fight fate.

The ingredients are simple:

  • Grilled chicken breast
  • Baby spinach
  • Small can of mandarin oranges
  • feta cheese

Grill up your chicken (this particular one was marinated in a raspberry vinaigrette) and slice it (or cut it into cubes if you prefer).  Rinse the spinach, add the oranges and chicken and top with feta.

Why am I putting this on a “cooking” blog?  Because it’s DELICIOUS!  Everyone needs great summer recipes and this is one of the best!  If you’ve never had oranges in salad, let me be the first to suggest that you try now!


Charred Tomato Chicken Tacos

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Because I’m a slacker I’m going to post a few shoots that are done that I didn’t modify the recipe at all.  That way rather than writing a recipe in these posts I can just link you to it and show you the photos I got from it.  I’ll do my best to come back and edit these posts to include more info later but for now, let’s get to some posts!  I’m WAY behind!

The recipe for these charred tomato chicken tacos.

These chicken tacos came out really well.  They have very little spice so they’re easy to feed kids who are against spicy foods but they’re very healthy and loaded with big taste.  I love these!

Chik’n Pot Pie – vegetarian pot pie

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So it is “test vegetarian” week here at StC.  I decided to try a whole week of eating vegetarian (not vegan!)  Last night’s creation was a chik’n pot pie.  The original recipe is courtesy of The Chubby Vegetarian but I made several adjustments, including a bit of recipe rewrite so it makes more sense (sorry Chubs!)

My family is not vegetarian.  They are meatatarians, in fact.  When I told them I was going veg for a week they all rolled their eyes and wished my luck.  They know it’s not permanent – I  have a BIG JUICY BURGER waiting for me on Monday.  I can already taste it.

So last night when I made the pot pie I didn’t know if they’d try it.  You already know where this is going.  We all loved LOVED it – and raved about it.  My mom bragged about it.  It was a hit!  If you never mentioned it was vegetarian, nobody would know!

The photos for this are a bit weak.  Sorry about that – I wanted to test the recipe first (since it was hard to follow) and I wanted to see what it looked like.  The photos on Chubby Vegetarian’s site didn’t look anything like I had at any point in the process so I can only assume that’s a setup.  The photos are a few quick ones to get the job done.  I’ll upload more to this post when I reshoot the pot pie.  HUGE raves for this – highly recommended this fall/winter.

Photos, then recipe on “Read more” as always!

vegetarian chikn pot pie recipe

vegetarian chikn pot pie recipe

vegetarian chikn pot pie recipe

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Simple basil bruschetta

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I’m slowly making my way back!!  I’ve started shooting and cooking – now I just need time to post!  Let’s get started cooking!

This is a very simple and healthy recipe when you just want a quick appetizer or bite of taste.  I love making simple bruschetta!  Done often, I can get the entire process finished in about 15 minutes.  Appetizers in the oven while cooking pasta or a stirfry?  Nice!

These bruschetta are both pretty and tasty.  My mother had never had bruschetta until I made her some.  She loves it!  Kids love them (if you can get them to try it the first time – that’s always the secret, right?)  Adults love, LOVE them.  I’ve actually yet to meet someone who tries my bruschetta and doesn’t love it.

(Sorry no lighting setup photos for awhile – trying to remember to shoot them but failing!)

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