Perfect Egg Muffin Breakfast Sandwich

By mattantonino | July, 12, 2010 | 0 comments

Ok, so this isn’t a “recipe” as much as a couple short techniques.  I love LOVE egg muffins.  A few issues always plagued me until recently.  Those issues?  First, I hate breaking the yolk and having  it drip through my hands.  Second, a typical English muffin is a little boring. Third, I’d prefer to eat egg muffins more often but only if they’re healthy enough.  Finally, bringing it all together in a perfect way never happens.

Armed with some new culinary knowledge I set out to find the way to make a “perfect” egg muffin.

First, I decided the perfect egg muffin would be one that stands tall and proud – not a little egg overrun by bread and doughy taste.  I also decided to get as much egg inside the muffin border as possible.  It’s not that tasty to eat just egg whites poking out from the edges.  Fun? Maybe.  But not so tasty.  To get these two requirements together, I bought a round, tall plastic container.  The base is flat and round and goes up in a very straight line – it will create the perfect shape and size egg.

Second (and third), I decided to make my egg muffins healthier by going from two muffins and two eggs to one muffin, two egg whites and one egg yolk.  Spray the container lightly with nonstick spray, blend the egg whites and yolk into your bowl and don’t mix the egg entirely.  You don’t want a perfectly yellow mix.  Some whites, some yolk creates a streaky look that doesn’t look as homogenous and fake-egg.  This step also solves the “not drippy” problem.

The final issue was the “boring English muffin issue.”  I bought some honey wheat English muffins instead of the plain regular ones and wiped just a VERY little warm plain butter on them, sprinkled just a touch of pepper and toasted them.  These muffins are about three times as good as pulling a plain muffin from your box and toasting it up.

Finally, I put these together by toasting the muffin, adding a slice of lowfat american cheese to the bottom muffin, adding the cooked egg (microwave for 1 minute) on the cheese and finish with the muffin top.  Microwave the entire thing for another 10 seconds.

This is the most delicious, amazing egg muffin you will ever imagine!  When I’m feeling slightly less healthy I’d add 1 slice of turkey bacon microwaved for 1 minute sliced and criss-crossed on top of the egg. Warm, tasty, and full of protein for energy – this sandwich truly is the PERFECT egg muffin.

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