Caramel apple streusel cake

By mattantonino | June, 23, 2011 | 2 comments

I’d love to tell you that I made this Warm Caramel Apple Cake and shot that for today’s food.  That’s what I want to do.

It looks awesome.  I can imagine how it tastes and I want to try it.  I will, soon.  Then I’ll post that.  Today is one of those “eh, I’m a photographer, not a cook” days.

So I cheated.

I know … don’t look at me like that!  It doesn’t happen as often anymore!

Ultimately, I’m just a food photographer.  I need to shoot, even when I don’t want my hair all full of flour 3 hours before a meeting with a potential bride to shoot her wedding.  I still need to make, shoot and eat food.

Today’s excellent cheat is a straight-out-of-the-box Duncan Hines Apple Caramel Streusel. Follow instructions. Maybe cut up an apple into bite sized bits and add it.  This recipe is sweet, delicious and moist.  I actually *really* love it and will eat it again.

Yes, I know I used a pan that was too big. Guess I have to do it again.


apple caramel cake

apple caramel cake texture

apple streusel

apple streusel

inside carmel apple streusel

Sunday I’ll be back with something special for the blog and Tuesday I’ll post up my famous tilapia parmesan.  Fish & cheese?  Seriously. Tuesday.


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2 Responses to Caramel apple streusel cake

  • Loretta Antonino

    I am all for you doing it again with a different pan size. This is one cake we definitely need to make together. I kind of love this kind of cake, you can eat it with no frosting (as you did), yet it would be to die for with cream cheese. It would work really well with ice cream of a vanilla custard sauce too.

  • Cyn

    My mother-in-law made this exact cake last Sunday. It was delicious! I would highly recommend it. YUM!