Creme Brulee

By mattantonino | November, 4, 2010 | 1 comments

I have never made creme brulee before.  This happens when you’re starting to cook and really “” may have been a better site name.  Ha!

Anyhoo – moving on – I found a Youtube video for creme brulee that made it look *so* easy I had to try it.  And really, it was!  My picky brother’s response to this creme brulee? “You have to make more.  And make me like a salad bowl sized one this time.”  So, it’s good.

So watch the video above and enjoy my few creme brulee photos.  (If you need to buy a creme brulee torch and kit, try this.)

two ramekins of creme brulee

two ramekins with toasted creme brulee dessert

toasted burned topping on a creme brulee super closeup

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