Finding my voice

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Rewriting, the process

First of all, I want to thank everyone who’s visited, read StC and left comments. Sorry it’s been a few days since my last update but I’m battling a wicked head cold. Of course, I’m the guy who gets a cold the day it’s 86 degrees out. Yep. I know my site is brand new and not that much to see right now so I appreciate those who’ve given me a bit of help in getting it off the ground. I try to reply to each comment and when I can check out your own blogs and comment I do and will continue doing so.

A little housekeeping: I’ve edited some posts. The content didn’t change but they now fall in line more with how I’m going to continue blogging, which I’ll talk about in a second. I also disabled the ‘nofollow’ tag in WordPress and so if you leave a comment it benefits YOUR search engine results – it’s a little bit of a reward for commenting here. If you want to disable nofollow on your own blog please check out my FBF topic on it. Finally, I’ve added front page commenting. I want it to be EASY to comment here at Starting to Cook so now it’s about as easy as I can make it – and comes with that bonus linklove.

Finding my voice

Ok, now onto how I am ‘finding my voice’ in this blog. A week ago I posted a topic on FBF called “Feeling Overwhelmed” because there’s SO MANY great food blogs, great chefs, foods to cook, ways to do a blog, plugins, widgets, domain names oh my! I can’t keep straight who’s influential (Steamy Kitchen, TasteSpotting) from who isn’t. So I was very overwhelmed. I ended up getting a lot of great advice but the one that struck me the *most* was “Your blog name starting to cook makes me feel like it will be more foodcentric than it would be with the photography bent. Maybe you could talk more about how your photography is making you into a cook Your strength seems to be your ability to want to teach. Maybe that is what you should focus on” (Thanks Mimi!)

These few sentences will shape the blog – not for the actual content (ie. being more foodcentric) but for the idea – my blog name and my desire to teach. When I bought the domain I bought it specifically for the double entendre. Starting to cook can easily mean “look at my photos of the first food I’m ever making.” Other than easy microwave meals, burgers on the Foreman Grill and some Shake & Bake, I’ve NEVER cooked. I’m literally *starting* to find food and find my way through it. That’s one. On the other side, “starting to cook” is a cliche, like “now we’re cooking with fire” or “now we’re starting to cook” = the heat has been applied and away we go.

This blog will be *primarily* about me food photography and my exploration of new-to-me foods. It will *not* be primarily about recipes, health food, allergies, etc.

So as far as expectations – you should expect each post to tell you where I got a recipe from. I eat these foods so I’m going to tell you how I liked it and how my family reacted to it. I’m going to talk about (and show) the photography of it, challenges, lighting, etc. Especially in relation to what I’m highlighting, why, how I want to re-do it and sometimes how a particular photo is making me money in my business.

At the end of each post I will have a “Read More” button. If you click this, you can get the full recipe at the bottom of each post. The recipe will not be the focus of the entry but it will be included so you can, of course, remake anything I’ve shown off here. I will be keeping front-page comments enabled though so if you want to comment on something you don’t even have to go to the recipe Read More. I also (as you noticed) have a tendency to highlight what I want readers to see. I know a lot of people skim so I’m making it easy.

So recap

Photography of food and teaching (inc. lighting setups, tutorials, etc)

Exploration of new-to-me food (esp. learning foods from you)

Business of photography

That is where my voice will be. I hope you’ll be on the train with us!

*Last exit for recipe-focused readers! ALL ABOARD!*

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