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By mattantonino | February, 3, 2011 | 1 comments

While this winter storm may be kicking New England in the head right now, we did get good news here at StartingtoCook.

Portland, Maine was named the 4th best food city by CNBC last week.

The article even mentioned Rabelais, our all-food bookstore.

If that wasn’t enough local flavah for you, our very own blog here at StartingtoCook was named to Wild Blueberry Association’s Top Ten Maine Food Blogs.

The best thing about being named on that list?  All the new blogs to stalk!  I didn’t know about a few of the blogs on their list!  Here’s the list, although you should check out the article for way more info on each of these!

1. Appetite Portland

2. Baked in Maine

3. The Blueberry Files

4. Food for Thought

5. Food Madam

6. From Away

7. Plating Up

8. Portland Town

9. Starting to Cook (YAY!)

10. Sweeter Salt

Thanks to Wild Blueberries for the mention! This calls for a new post. I think I’ll blog a hearty recipe this weekend for beating the cold weather.  I have an idea…*off to cook*

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