Plan your blog posts (or your menu) for the week

By mattantonino | June, 16, 2011 | 4 comments

One of my goals for a long time has been to complete the 31 Days to a Better Blog project from ProBlogger.  I didn’t start with 3 blogs with growing readership but apparently that is where I am now.  Pushing each further means more advertising revenue each month and more opportunities opening around me.  I like money and I like opportunity so … starting June 1 I began the 31 Days …

Day 7 was the most relevant day for me.

7) Plan your next week’s posting schedule

I did the project dutifully and mapped out 7 days of blog entries.  (This was not one of them, by the way.)  I felt good having accomplished a week of blogging topics on all 3 blogs.  I didn’t know I could feel so far “ahead” on work for the blogs. My style has always been to blog impulsively which is why sometimes I blog frequently and sometimes blog infrequently.  I often treated blogging as the red-headed step child of my businesses.  Shooting, networking, marketing, advertisements, social media, gawker submissions, editing, uploading, keywording … if there was time left over maybe even talk to my woman, hit the gym and cook some food.

Since leaving Syracuse and going out on my own last year I felt it was time to get more organized about how I do things, more controlled as far as my blogging habits and get back some of the momentum on this blog. I knew I wasn’t doing what I wanted when an opportunity presented itself to make serious money blogging and …

I didn’t qualify.  I  hadn’t posted frequently enough at the time.  On ANY of my blogs.

I’m definitely back now – I have posted 4 times since May 28th on here, another 6 on my microstock photography blog and another 5 or 6 on my SEO for wedding photographers blog.

So where are we today?

Prep, course … these are food words.  Today, they are blogging words.  I need to prep posts ahead of time and plan my course.  Maybe blogging is my fourth course of the day.  I think of planning my blogs like I plan my food shoot ideas. It doesn’t take long one day a week to get FAR ahead on it but it takes you a very long time to do everything on the fly.  Last night I was inspired to create blog ideas and actually came up with topics for all 3 blogs FOUR weeks in advance. (Click on image to enlarge it.)

I always decide at the beginning of the week what foods I will make that week (this week I’m making scallop linguine, chicken alfredo, blueberry smoothies, caramel flan and maybe a peanut butter dessert.)  Planning foods to shoot keeps me from either forgetting to shoot, being too lazy to shoot or simply coming up with last minute plans.  The same seems to be holding true for my blogging.

It’s been 9 days since I planned my first week and with only a few minor changes in plan, I’m sticking to it.  Good news for my blog readers!  I should have brand new content up 2-4 times per week, every week.

Do you plan your food shoots? Do you shoot everything you eat?  What is the plan on your blog?

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4 Responses to Plan your blog posts (or your menu) for the week

  • Alessandra

    I could not do a weekly planning because blogging for me is not a job and I mostly cook what is available that day in the veggie garden or in the market. Or for the occasion.

    It seems to work for me :-)


  • Alessandra


    forgot to mention, my blog is vegetarian and I mostly make everything from scratch, also I post often. I think these things are more important than weekly planning to get lots of visitors :-).

    Let me know what you think


  • mattantonino

    Hi Alessandra,

    I think as you said that posting frequently is a big key. If you have a system that works for you, you don’t need another system. Creating a posting list is a way for me to also make my shopping list for the week so it really seems to help me. If you’re grabbing things from the garden and posting about them, it’s probably not as necessary for you.

    As far as getting traffic, though, regular posting is the goal here. Whatever system gets you there, that’s the one to use.


  • mattantonino

    Also – I post things long after they’ve been shot so it’s a matter of timing. I never shoot today, edit today, upload today. All of the food on my shoot list has long been photographed. :) I guess that’s another reason it works for me.