Starting from scratch

By mattantonino | March, 19, 2010 | 4 comments

Welcome to Starting to Cook!

Why “Starting to Cook”

My food adventure probably started with weddings. About a year ago I realized I really love food photography but I really don’t know what changed. No one food photo flipped a switch but if one did, it was this cake photo I shot at a wedding a few years ago.

My food blog is called Starting to Cook because that is where I stand today. One year ago I couldn’t tell you braising from a brisket. My food life could easily be described as “college guy food.” Frozen food, mac & cheese, Ramen, frozen burgers on the Foreman and the most extensive meal I made would have been stir fry. Starting to Cook Yes, yes I am!

In the last year I’ve cooked a lot better but also I’m learning first. I did my homework, started to read food books, blogs and watch food shows. My meals are not *all* culinary wonders but I’ve eaten more good food in the last 3 months than my whole adult life combined. So yes, I’ve now made sauteed chicken and broccoli over penne, chicken tetrazinni and homemade bread. I’ve made my own bacon wrapped scallops and even thrown a simple dinner party from appetizers to dessert.

Who is behind Starting to Cook

My name is Matt Antonino – I’m your host, photographer and writer of Starting to Cook. Let me tell you a little bit about me. I’m a full time pro photographer. In the past I’ve focused almost exclusively on people photography – weddings, portraits, models for commercial & stock photography, etc. I’ve shot families, babies, newborn, maternity, high school seniors and many models of all ages. I have owned my own business for 7 years and have 6 total photographers working in Syracuse.

Before photography I graduated law school from Syracuse University in 2002 and spent a year in Seoul, South Korea after that. I’ve traveled to China, Japan, Spain, Mexico, Canada and of course, Korea.

Trivia: I type about 140 wpm so I type a lot and I read just as quickly – about 2 pages per minute of a typical novel.

What is the plan for the site

Starting to Cook is going to be a documentary of a brand new foodie almost from the moment of awareness through … well who knows I am making a change – from shooting people to shooting exclusively food. Change like that takes time but while I make the crossover I am going to grow as a food lover, food stylist and photographer. If you’re interested in watching that growth I’d love to have you along for the ride!

Shall we?

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4 Responses to Starting from scratch

  • Nancy Comelab

    Oh yes we shall! Your life story so far is captivating and I cannot wait to follow your culinary adventures, and most of all your gorgeous food photography. I feel I have two left hands when it comes to shooting a decent photo, but I have the desire and a passion to learn… we shall get along just fine. :)

  • mattantonino

    Thanks Nancy! We’re definitely gonna have a great time of this! :)

  • elizabeth

    Hey Matt! I definitely need to follow you as I can really use the photography pointers–your photos are fabulous! I did want to ask, though, if there was a way to soften the watermarks a little bit–I completely understand not wanting content theft, but the ones you’re using now are obscuring your lovely photos too much! :-)

  • michelle

    I love that you will be sharing pointers, very cool. You should do a people section, too. They move more that food, (unless you are where things are different..) But, it would be nice to gear from you in BOTH areas- just a thought. Hope that old is better, too BTW. :)